Big Apple Fritter

°3 cups all-purpose flour
°1½ cups sugar
°3 teaspoons baking powder
°Half a teaspoon of salt
°½ teaspoon apple pie spice
°2 large eggs
°1 cup milk
°1 teaspoon vanilla
°2 tablespoons soft butter
°1½ cups peeled and sliced ​​apples
°frying oil
°confectioner’s sugar
*Directions :
Pour oil to deep skillet or Dutch oven to depth about 3 inches.
Heated  375 degrees.
Sifting flour, sugar, salt, & apple pie spice to mixing bowl.
Putting eggs in separate bowl & beating them.
Adding milk & vanilla.
Making hole in the center of dried ingredients and pour in milk mix. Add butter and beat with mixer on low speed to soften, about half a minute. Scrape down sides of bowl & increase speed to for 2 min longer. Fold in apple. Use  1/4 c measuring cup, drop it to hot oil. If the pot is not too large on top, you may be able to cook only one pie at a time.
When first side turning brown, carefully flipping it with  spoon to brown second side.
Drain on paper towels and sprinkle immediately, generously, with confectioners’ sugar or the glaze I prefer.
To make jelly, sugar and milk or water are mixed together and kept warm
Enjoy !

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