Birria Tacos Recipe

* Elements :
°4 Old El Paso™️ regular wheat tortillas
°400 grams of shredded red meat
°2 hundred grams of minced meat
°2 leeks
°2 hundred grams of Emmental
°Small bunch of parsley
°1 can mashed tomatoes
°1 can mashed tomatoes
°1 carrot
°1 onion
°1 clove garlic
°2 peppers
° eight plain wheat tortillas
° Plain wheat tortilla

* Preparation :
Prepare the sauce
Cut the onions into quarters, peel the carrots and reduce them into cubes. In a saucepan, warmth  tablespoons of olive oil. Adding onions, carrots, garlic & mince beef. Cook for five mins or till red meat is absolutely cooked through. Add tomato paste and might of peeled tomatoes. Add a touch water and allow the sauce simmer for 30 mins. When they’re cooked, placed all of the elements in a blender and mix till you get a homogeneous preparation. Sift the combination and set it apart for later.
Prepare vegetables

Cut the leeks into small portions. Peeled pepper & chop it finely. Cut the parsley into small portions and set it apart.
compose your very own taco
Coat every tortilla withinside the sauce for appealing taste and color. Fry every tortilla in a warm frying pan, adding a chunk of butter. Once the tortillas are cooked, upload the beef, shallots, and chili if you want spicy dishes. Covering tacos with shredded cheese also parsley, & close. Enjoy it even as it is still warm after the cheese has melted.
Enjoy !

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