1 Cup.Of Honey.
Boneless smoked Ham.
½ Cup.Of Butter.
½ Cup.Of Brown sugar.
1 large spoon.Of Extra virgin olive oil.
Step 1:
Initially, you need to cover the deep tray where the ham would go with aluminum foil until you start. This is basically to deter complications with the honey sticking.
Step 2:
To make the sauce, melt half a cup of butter in a pot with a teaspoon of olive oil over medium heat. Stir with a spatula before the butter melts and becomes a liquid.
Step 3:
Toss in approximately 100 grams of brown sugar and a cup of honey into the sauce and mix to combine. Allow to cook over low heat until it is well combined before proceeding with the rest of the recipe.
Step 4:
Split the ham into small slices that do not exceed the end of the cut and put them on the tray that has been coated with aluminum foil.

Step 5:
Now comes the fun part for the creative types: using a brush, paint all of the ham with the sauce you made earlier, making sure no holes are left unpainted. I notice that going through it many times is extremely beneficial. Please keep in mind that the sauce must be reserved for later.

Step 6:
You’ll need to cover the ham with more aluminum foil so it doesn’t melt too badly in the oven and comes out fine.
Step 7:
Now, bake at a temperature of just under 200 degrees Fahrenheit, for about 120 minutes. You could decide that each kilo of ham should be cooked for 30 minutes, based on the ham’s weight. Don’t hesitate to take it out of the oven every 20 or 25 minutes and spray it with the honey sauce again.
Step 8:
For perfect browning of the ham’s surface, set your oven to grill mode for the last 10 minutes of baking.
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