Fresh fruit, cake, and typical banana split toppings are nestled between creamy pudding and whipped cream in a banana split trifle. It’s festive, but it’s also simple to put together.
This dish may be made in a variety of ways; if you want it to be lighter, use an Angel food cake. If you want a chocolaty dessert, try a chocolate cake; if you want a richer dessert, try brownies. Use white or yellow cake if you want a lighter spring treat.

Because there is never any left when I get to the dessert table at my family reunion, this dish must provide pleasure to everyone.

This amazing Banana Split Dessert Trifle has been saving the day recently around here. It’s a good thing I have fast, no-bake desserts in my arsenal for when the four of us are fatigued from toddler tantrums and want to unwind with a relaxing, sweet treat at the end of the day!

After a hard day, knowing that this dessert would be waiting for me in the fridge as I slept and decompressed with Netflix was pure bliss! It also helps that this one dish serves a large number of people, so we were able to eat it for a week. You’ll agree with me after only one taste!


A cake mix box, you can use the angel food cake mix, chocolate cake mix, or any type you prefer.

Instant vanilla pudding, I used one package.

Bananas, I sliced 3 large ones.

200 grams.Of fresh sliced ​​strawberries.

500 grams.Of chopped fresh pineapple.

Whisk cold, we’ll need a thawed container.

Maraschino cherry jar, I cut them into cubes.

½ Cup.Of chopped pecans.

¼ Cup.Of chocolate syrup.


Step 1:

I started the preparation by baking the cake mix as directed in the box, and let it cool totally before I used it.

Step 2:

Once the cake cooled, I sliced it into small pieces and set them aside for later.

Step 3:

Next, I prepared the Instant vanilla pudding following the steps directed in the box and set it aside too.

Step 4:

After that, I chose a medium transparent bowl, and I started layering the ingredients: half of the cake pieces, half of the prepared vanilla pudding, half banana slices, 100 grams of fresh sliced strawberries, half of the chopped fresh pineapple.

Step 5:

Then I added over half of the fruit of the thawed whisk cold, and I arranged the maraschino cherries over it.

Step 6:

Following that, I poured half of the chocolate syrup over the maraschino cherries layer and spread over it the chopped pecans.

Step 7:

And I repeated all of these steps with the remaining ingredients in the same order.

Step 8:

To finish, I put the bowl covered in the fridge to chill for around two hours before serving.

Allow the pudding to set slightly before stacking because you want it to make its way between the cake pieces before it hardens fully. I hope you’ll enjoy the heavenly taste of this dessert!!!! And if you’re looking for more recipes like this one, just take a look below, and choose the ones you prefer!!!

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  1. Jean R. Cascio

    These recipes really look scrumptious. I’m going to try to make them. Thank you

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